Only Through US seeks to protect American principles and freedoms against fear-based reactionary politics that follow in the wake of foreign terrorist attacks. We aim to empower communities to hold policymakers accountable for their decisions and their votes.

We do this in three ways:

1.     We collaborate with national security validators to create original media and sharable video content to counter fear-based messaging following a foreign terrorist attack. Through this content, we educate American citizens on the objective aims of terrorism and the values of upholding American principles of inclusivity, welcome, and freedom.

2.     We build the capacity of journalists to provide thoughtful, inclusive coverage on terror attacks and national security. This includes giving voice to the perspectives of Muslim-Americans, refugees, and vulnerable communities who are often the multi-fold victims of terrorism.

3.     We partner with organizations and mobilize citizens to demand moral leadership from policymakers in our fight against terrorism. We work directly with elected officials, and their staff, at the state and federal level to ensure they have the expertise they need to make informed policy decisions. For those legislators who exploit fear in the wake of terror attacks, eroding American principles—whether by dehumanizing Muslim-Americans, attacking refugee programs, supporting torture, or repopulating Guantanamo Bay—we hold them accountable.

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